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We love seeing you in your EOB + how you style your pieces. Our fabulous customers inspire us + push us to create garments that empower you. Here are a few accounts that we want to celebrate along with a few words from our customers!




‘I love lingerie because it allows me to see my body in a different way, see it as luxurious and special, and that’s really helped with my eating disorder recovery. I love Charlotte because it’s a perfect mix of classy and sexy, it’s definitely one of my favourite sets in my collection.’

@little_lingerie_obsessions is looking stunning in her Charlotte bra, waspie + brief + her Benjamin chain.




‘I saw someone online wearing the Sally bra, and the beautiful design and colours just made me say ‘wow!’, so I had to see who made it! My first EOB was the Melissa bra and thong and when I put it on it changed my whole outlook on lingerie, I didn’t know I could look and feel so amazing from underthings! Especially after having had my baby, breastfeeding and weight loss. Lingerie is for everyone to feel empowered and I know that now.’

@skivvies.as.selfcare is wearing her Melissa bra + thong + her Daisy body with confidence.




‘I particularly loved Melissa set because as a women with a small body frame, it is so hard to find garments that can be adjusted and still feel supported. Melissa set had everything I was looking for. Amazing quality and the fit was perfect. I felt so empowered whenever I put on the full Melissa set and since then I fell in love with all the EOB lingerie. It is really refreshing to see and feel from the lingerie garments, that the designer really put their thoughts into who will be wearing it.’

@streakingsunday is looking radiant in her Melissa bra, suspender + brief + her Sally bra + playsuit.




‘Isabelle from Edge o’ beyond caught my eyes immediately when it released. I love the design on the neck which makes the look very elegant and classy.’

@badbadgalzizi is lounging in her Isabelle bra + brief.




‘I don’t have a full set of EOB (yet!) but good lingerie in general makes me feel like I can take on the world. It’s my own secret lace and satin armour hiding under my clothes.’

@sinoparin is slaying in her depop find.




‘I love how wearable and beautiful EOB lingerie is. It is really luxurious lingerie made to last and to be wore every day!’

@kikideliverylingerie is posing in her Debbie bra, suspender + thong + her Melissa bra, suspender + thong.




‘I love that Edge O’ Beyond cater for such a wide range of sizes. The Sally set is such a gorgeous colour and has such beautiful embroidery. Also, having a quarter cup option in my size is amazing!

@thecurvyredhead is looking beautiful in her Sally bra + playsuit.


[On Grace] ‘Having a one piece swimsuit with the ability to order different sizes for the top & bottom halves is a game changer. As someone with a full bust, this has really opened up my options for a sexy one piece.‘ ‘Olivia is the most exquisite set of lingerie I have ever laid my hands on. The combination of her colours, textures & gold accents sends my heart into flutters. The attention to detail & craftsmanship of this whole set is absolutely superb. 10/10.’

@busty_diaries is looking fabulous in her Grace swimsuit + Olivia Bra.


‘The Olivia set was an absolute dream to shoot! The combination of colours as well as the fit were so flattering and I’m totally in love.’

@savanahelkinson is modelling in her Olivia Bra + Thong.




‘For me, lingerie means expressing femininity in my very own shape. I found a lot of confidence when I started shooting in lingerie and it's still a confidence boost when putting on a beautiful matching set. My personal favourite set is Daisy because the embroidery is so unique. I was so happy that I got my hands on it after dreaming of it for a year! But my collection is supposed to grow and I can't wait to try more.’

@_pikdame is looking gorgeous in her Daisy bra, brief + thong.  




‘What I love so much about this set is how the supple leather marries the lace and they contrast and complement each other so perfectly.’

@arazatah_ looking radiant in her Maria Bra + Brief





‘Growing up in a traditional and conservative home, I started collecting lingerie at 15 as a way to express myself privately. During shelter‐in‐place, EoB's beautiful floral designs enabled me to leave my small apartment in the city and escape into a colorful garden. Lingerie has been a huge source of joy and self expression for almost half of my life.’

@ms.lylith mix + matching in her Daisy bralette + Sally brief




'The Aniel set by @edgeobeyond is one of those subtly mesmerizing beauties. It’s not an in-your-face showstopper, it’s one of those things that get more beautiful the more you look at it. When I first saw it on their page I was like “wow that’s gorgeous” but didn’t think much beyond that. Then every time I saw it again, it drew me more and more until I had to have it. EoB said it’s the most decadent range they’ve ever created, and I certainly don’t doubt it. 

I love contrast. Deep or bright colours with soft ones, dainty lace with bold straps, shiny silk with textured tulle, sheerness with opacity. On top of that, anything with interesting embroidery and botanical design is an instant bonus. This set is all those things 😍😍😍'

@bonita.lovelace dazzling in her Aniel bra, suspender + thong + her Sally bra, suspender + thong




I fell in love with lingerie in my mid-twenties, as I was finishing up my MFA in women’s fashion design. Lingerie marries the rigor of tailoring with the sweetness of delicate fabrics. It’s a secret I can keep for myself all day long or share with others of my choice. Edge o’Beyond hits all the right buttons—rigorous construction, beautiful design, and fabrics that make me want to share.

@the_invisible_nao blending in, in her Daisy Body




It's been a year since my mother gave me Aniel set. I still cannot believe it. It is very symbolic to me, and for several reasons. This set is very delicate, while being sensual too. The layering of bespoke, delicate embroidery with French lace finished with 24K gold dipped hardware make this set something unique. It’s a veritable experience. Decadent lace bras and knickers are transformed into showcase piece. I feel so powerful and feminine when I wear it.

Photographed by @yannmalotti

@initials.a.a glowing in her Aniel Bra


Almost 11 years into my career I discovered EOB. I don't recall how, or exactly when in 2020 but I do know fell in love right away. I read about how EOB started and how Naomi's passion for luxury and uniqueness led her to make her dream come true. It was as if I was reading my own bio in many ways and I instantly knew I had found something very special, something meaningful that really resonated with me and my own ethos in business. 

In June 2020, for my 31st birthday Sally arrived. She started a little bit of an out of control addiction if I'm being honest. The mixture of lingerie, the entire EOB teams amazing friendly attitude and the very special 1-2-1 chat I got with everyone just made it all so perfect!

EOB changed the way I looked at many things. The quality, the design of lingerie and the way I felt about myself in lingerie. I felt great! This probably sounds utterly cheesy, but I feel EOB helped me finally feel womanly- something I have struggled to feel about myself for a long time (and still do!)

@artemisfauna showing off her Sally Bra, Brief + Suspender




Why I love EOB - I've been knowingly above a D cup for about 7 years, and since then it has been excruciatingly exhausting trying to find lingerie that even looks remotely pretty, let alone as close to art but delicate as EOB is. You can tell a lot of love and work goes into each garment, and the fact that that same love and work has gone into branching out into fuller sizes makes EOB leaps ahead. At the moment I am struggling to find another brand that's comparable.

The quality of materials, the garments produced, the transparency of workers and the enviroment, and the fact EOB is a small independent business is just the cherry on top.

@grassntitties flaunting her Georgia Bra + High Waisted Thong


Love Eo'B x

Written on November 3, 2020

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