Size Guide

Tips to ensure your bra fits correctly

  • If cups are loose try a cup size smaller, and if cups are too tight try a larger cup size.
  • Ensure the centre front lies flat against the breastbone - if it doesn't try a cup size larger, if this doesn't work try a smaller underband size.
  • When trying bras, always lift your breasts lightly into the bra to fill the cups to ensure no underneath spillage (this would mean you need a bigger cup size or smaller underband size).
  • Always adjust straps to fit you as this can greatly affect the support. Typically taller people need to make the straps longer and vice versa.
  • Always fit bras on the loosest hook setting, as over time the elastics will stretch slightly, so this ensures you can tighten bra as required to prolong the bra’s lifespan. If you are fitting on the tightest try wearing your sister size.

    All sizes in the same row of the chart have the same cup volume, so for instance if you were wearing a 34B and found it a little loose in the underband you could try a 32C and the cups would still fit the same.

    30B 32A 34AA
    30C 32B 34A
    30D 32C 34B
    32D 34C 36B
    32DD 34D 36C
    32E 34DD 36D
    32F 34E 36DD
    34F 36E 38DD
    34FF 36F 38E
    34G 36FF 38F
    34GG 36G 38FF
    34H 36GG 38G

Please note that this is an approximate guide. We are working on expanding our size range and always want to hear your thoughts on this, so if we don’t currently stock your size or you have any other questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.