Edge o’ Beyond incorporates delicate gold plated jewellery into each design, distinctively merging lingerie and fine jewellery.

Each lingerie set echoes the ‘o’ within the brand name, as gold plated rings are hand sewn into each piece to allow our handcrafted jewellery to be attached, making each EO’B lingerie set customisable.

Edge o’ Beyond caters for many different body types with its large range of sizes; we offer 22 different sized bras starting from a petite 30B through to a 34E and 36DD. Our fine jewellery, which compliments the ranges, also comes in different styles and sizes, allowing you to personalise your lingerie.

Edge o’ Beyond has quality as its highest priority. Our garments are designed and hand made in the UK, as we believe it is important to support the UK’s diminishing specialist lingerie-manufacturing sector. All our fabrics, trims and components, with the exception of the jewellery, have been hand-sourced from Europe. Each of our gold components are 24K gold plated, and our fine jewellery is 18K gold plated, adding to the luxury experience of EO’B.

Edge o’ Beyond is a new London-based, luxury brand that provides exceptional quality lingerie and jewellery in a range of seductive and contemporary styles.

Edge o’ Beyond was founded in 2013 by Naomi, who believed that she could create something special from her ever-growing passion for lingerie and jewellery. Naomi graduated with a joint honours degree in Economics and French, so not the most conventional background for a lingerie designer, but one that set the foundations of the business. Naomi then met a graduate with an honours degree in Fashion Contour from London College of Fashion who had the technical abilities that were needed to complete the story.

Edge o’ Beyond’s name comes from a place close to Naomi’s heart, as it was the name of her first home that she shared with her four siblings and parents. Family plays an important part in Edge o’ Beyond with each set being named after a relation, keeping a very personal link throughout the collections.

Edge o’ Beyond’s collections are inspired by various places, experiences and memories. For example, Port Grimaud, with its Venetian style winding waterways and quaint buildings, played a significant role in influencing the body jewellery aspect of the brand. The debut collection is designed to compliment and frame the female form featuring delicate, filigree jewellery details from Ancient Europe combined with Parisian architectural influences discovered during Naomi’s time immersed in the city.