EOB have proudly launched three nursing bras this season:BRANDI in black, ADE in red + FATIMA in emerald green, all with matching bondage-inspired suspenders + bottoms.

EOB’s founder, Naomi, recently had her first baby + noticed a distinct lack of appealing nursing bras, so decided to design her own, + trust us, you won’t find any that look like these!
Naomi passionately believes that “you shouldn't’ 
have to compromise on style when you become a mother - in fact I think that post-partum you want to be able to put on your favourite lingerie just as you did before, starting the day with that little act for yourself, as I feel that what you wear underneath really sets the tone for the day + can make you feel strong +confident - which is just not what the market is currently offering mums”.

Complete with nursing clips, luxe nursing pads, fully adjustable satin-bound straps ensuring the perfect fit + allowing you to nurse with ease, delicately adorned with EOB’s signature 24k gold details, these nursing bras are most certainly fit for a mumma!! These three bras also come as regular soft-cup bra without the nursing clips, so these designs can enjoyed by all.