Brand Guidelines


A beautiful hand-drawn logo is at the heart of EOB's branding. The primary EOB logo is black, featuring a gold "o" - just as the lingerie incorporates gold rings into each piece. Secondary variations are limited to an all white version and a gold foil version (used in print). In situations where space is tight, the "eob" monogram can be used to reinforce brand identity - as seen in email sign-off for example.

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Sitting in contrast to the flowing logotype, EOB uses one typeface only: Avenir. Headings are always all caps, letter spacing is tweaked as the font size increases to help stop the text feeling too shouty. Standard text sizes and styles currently in use on the website are below. Bold text is never used - instead colour is utilised to clarify design hierarchy.

There is only one exception to this single typeface rule; in EOB's responsive email template the following font stack is in use: Avenir, Gill Sans, Century Gothic, Calibri, Verdana, sans-serif. Where an email client is unable to present Avenir to the reader, we have selected similar system fonts to be displayed as alternatives.

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    Size 28px / Spacing 2.8px
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    Size 22px / Spacing 2.2px
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    Size 16px / Spacing 1.6px
  • Phasellus quis sem vitae augue consequat aliquam. Vivamus nec elit a nisi porta fringilla. Morbi dictum sem a ligula congue sodales.

    Size 12px / Spacing 0.6px
  • Morbi dignissim enim et luctus imperdiet. Fusce viverra suscipit vestibulum. Donec mollis dolor neque, ac scelerisque dolor vehicula nec. Nulla nec risus ut tellus hendrerit posuere non sed tellus. Mauris egestas velit id vestibulum dictum. Aenean accumsan eleifend faucibus. In sit amet enim dolor. Proin nec odio nunc. Praesent ut viverra quam.

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  • Vestibulum ultrices, sapien ut euismod condimentum, lectus elit euismod justo, et pharetra leo velit eu tellus. Italics used increasingly sparingly...


In addition to white, the following brand colours are used. Tones of yellow/gold mirror the ribbon used in packaging and the gold used in EOB jewellery and product embellishment. Transparency is utilised as required in text/image overlays.

Each season's collections allow some freedom in creation of promo/social posts, taking product colour and tone of the editorial shots as our basis.

  • #f4edb3
    C:7 M:3 Y:38 K:0
    R:244 G:237 B:179
  • #eddf8e
    C:11 M:8 Y:54 K:0
    R:237 G:223 B:142
  • #ead673
    C:11 M:12 Y:64 K:0
    R:234 G:214 B:115
  • #dbc156
    C:16 M:19 Y:75 K:2
    R:219 G:193 B:86
  • #ccae42
    C:21 M:26 Y:82 K:6
    R:204 G:174 B:66
  • #f3f4f3
    C:6 M:4 Y:5 K:0
    R:243 G:244 B:243
  • #ddddde
    C:16 M:11 Y:12 K:0
    R:221 G:221 B:222
  • #c0c0c0
    C:28 M:21 Y:22 K:3
    R:192 G:192 B:192
  • #868887
    C:47 M:36 Y:38 K:17
    R:134 G:136 B:135
  • #545451
    C:59 M:49 Y:51 K:44
    R:84 G:84 B:81
  • #262320
    C:69 M:63 Y:62 K:78
    R:38 G:35 B:32

UI Elements

All elements are given plenty of breathing space. Where text overlays an image, legibility needs to be carefully considered. Buttons and links darken in colour on hover, button proportions should be maintained regardless of size. In-house design avoids use of rounded rectangles in UI creation. Artwork and further specific information is available on request.