5 Reasons you should always wear EOB lingerie, single or not...

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The significance of lingerie is often underestimated by women, particularly by those who are single. Just because you don’t have a significant other to parade around for in your underwear, does not mean that you lack the privilege of wearing seriously seductive lingerie. Here at EOB we have accumulated some reasons as to why wearing luscious lingerie is just as important when you are single...

Wear it for YOU!

Yes, as obvious as it may seem wearing lingerie to please yourself is the perfect reason! In relationships we can often be guilty of always trying to please the other person’s needs, while potentially neglecting our own. One of the great perks to being single is not having to worry about anybody but yourself. Wearing sultry lingerie instantly makes you feel sexier, sassier and more confident! Everything a single independent woman should be feeling to take on the world.

In case of emergencies

At the risk of being seriously morbid, you can never be too sure what life has around the corner! One minute you are talking to your neighbour about their vegetable patch, and the next you are hospitalised after losing consciousness halfway through Mrs Jones’ cherry tomato journey. When all is recovered and your hydration is restored, you notice that the super fine doc who had examined your heart rate was witness to your discoloured, torn and tatty fraying bra! Disaster. Health is restored but the opportunity to bag the hot doc was potentially ruined by the sore sight of the boring bra! Pride destroyed and relationship status remains at Single.

Fitting rooms

Ever been in the situation where you found yourself attempting to squeeze into a garment evidently too small in the middle of a shop fitting room? After facing up to your weight gain you nudge away the curtains to call for an assistant, only to find they are out of sight! You are now undressed and faced with having to run over to your friend and ask her for a hand. Do you want to be witnessed in your oversized animal print granny pants? ... Or do you want to strut to your friend, slaying in a seductive two piece? Your choice.

Sheer Tops

Covering lust-worthy lingerie with a subtle sheer top/dress is the perfect solution to achieving smoking evening attire without baring all. This look most definitely does not work with beige, unsightly panties.

The dreaded Bridget Jones moment

As much as we all like to keep it classy, sometimes the effects of copious amounts of Prosecco can lead us into situations that are far from planned! Yes, the classic awkward Bridget Jones spanks moment can be avoided if equipped with the correct under garments. Don’t let it be you.

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Written on February 7, 2017

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