Bridal Checklist
Planning a wedding can be very stressful. From picking the perfect venue and decoration to deciding on what could possibly be the most important dress of your life- your wedding dress! After several months of planning, your big day is finally a few weeks away! Let the countdown begin! The RSVPs are pouring in, the favours are ordered, all you have to do now is show up right? Not quite. The most hectic week of your life will probably be the week before your wedding as you may still have a few things to complete on your to-do list. Don’t worry ladies, as always, we are here to save the day! Here at EOB we have come up with a bridal checklist to make sure your big day goes off without any hitches.


It may be intimidating, but you are definitely not alone! Always remember you have a whole entourage of amazing women, bridesmaids and friends behind you!

Break in those heels

Louboutin? Giuseppe? Aquazzura? Balenciaga? Whatever the brand, your shoes will most likely be brand new and you will be wearing them for a while on your magical day. Make sure you wear them for a short period of time each day around the house to really get a feel of them. Another top tip ladies, be sure to walk around in those show stopping shoes on different surfaces as well. Be fully prepared for every terrain you’ll be walking on during your big day.


Book a Spa day

Spa days are the height of relaxation, don’t you think? We do! Spas are not only an amazing way to get your mind off wedding planning, they are also good for your health. Massages can reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation as well as help you de-stress! If you are still not convinced, spa treatments that involve essential oils not only calm your mind but, reduce your blood pressure and heart rate. If this isn’t a good reason to go to the spa for a spa treatment, we don’t know what is! You will leave glowing from within.


If you do not want to go alone, why not bring along your girlfriends and turn the spa day into a mini bridal party? We think this is a great way to spend some quality time with your best girlfriends and your last few days as a single lady before you walk down the aisle.


Wedding night Lingerie

Wedding dress? Check! Reception dress? Check! Wedding night outfit? We thought so. Its so easy to forget about what you’ll be wearing on your first night with your spouse. We want to make sure you EOB beauties look simply irresistible all throughout your big day. Are you a classic English beauty like Charlotte or more of a rebellious soul like Yelena? Remember in 2018 all brides do not have to wear white! Go for what makes you feel happy, confident and seductive and try not to focus on tradition.


Honeymoon shopping

Ladies, what’s your ideal honeymoon destination? Somewhere tropical like the Maldives? The South of France? Dubai? Wherever you and your other half are heading to, make sure you pack some sensual swimwear that will get your spouse’s tongue wagging whenever you have your swimwear on. If this is what you want, the minimalist swimwear set Nadine is the perfect choice. It’s the perfect balance between simplicity and subtlety. To take your honeymoon looks to the next level, pair your swimwear with the Jacob body chain.


To all of our beautiful brides-to-be, we here at EOB wish you a happy married life filled with lots of love, happiness and peace!
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Written on June 22, 2018

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