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Edge o' Beyond Illustration Valma lingerie set, artwork created by Logan Spector
Oh lord, if there’s one thing I can’t resist, it’s a competition… Call it either a character flaw or a strength, but either way I can’t back down! (Watermelon eating? Macaron baking? Settlers of Catan? Magic the Gathering? You’re going down…) Right now, Edge O’ Beyond is hosting an illustration competition, so naturally I couldn’t resist!

Now, for the artsy types reading this, I should note that I do usually try to stay away from illustration competitions. This next part isn’t about EOB or even lingerie, so go ahead and skip over to the next section unless you’re interested in professional illustration practices. Anyways, within the illustration industry, companies will occasionally try to get free or low-cost work under the guise of “design competitions,” in which many illustrators are lured in with promises of publicity and exposure (cue eyeroll) and encouraged to submit work. The company then gets their pick of which design work to use for their campaign/packaging/logo/etc and then the “winner” is “awarded” cash. Why is this bad? This type of work is essentially spec-work, or rather, work done for a client for free with the hope of maybe getting paid, and often not even the full amount that the project would normally be worth. Not only does spec-work hurt the artists involved, but it also devalues creative work in general and makes it harder for other artists to be paid fairly. For more information on why spec-work and design contests are harmful for everyone (clients included), read more here. To clarify, I do not think this is what’s happening here. I think this EOB contest is excellent ( and I truly hope more lingerie brands follow suit!) but I do want to advise other illustrators from entering any and all illustration contests without a bit of research first.

All of that said… This is a contest that exists outside of the illustration world (I mean the prize is a thong, hellooo), involves zero transfer of usage rights, I had a few extra days to fill, I love the brand, and this blog is an excellent enabler. Seemed like fun, so why not! I think merit-based competitions are a great way to engage with people in the lingerie community, and I’ve even made a few online friends because of contests like this one. Below is my entry, and if you want to go and vote for me, I would be ever so happy. Thank you, kind people!

Edge o' Beyond Illustration Valma lingerie set, artwork created by Logan Spector Competition entry featuring Edge O’ Beyond Valma set and Joshua chain

The most exciting part of this illustration was the window shopping (err, “research”) I got to do beforehand! I adore everything EOB has done (particularly that nude illusion set with black lace appliqué from last year that was all over the internet?), but I really love the Valma collection. The range is made up of a bra, panty and garter belt (the garter belt is now sold out, sadly, as it’s a past collection) made of a beautiful golden rose embroidered caramel tulle that covers most of the front, with striking black mesh and strap detailing in the back.

Edge o' Beyond Illustration Valma lingerie set, artwork created by Logan Spector Strap and chain details

EOB is also known for their decadent gold plated body jewellery, some of which can be worn on its own, and some of which are designed to hook onto lingerie, like the Joshua chain I have attached to the panties here. Gosh, I am such a sucker for black and gold. My fingers are so crossed for this contest!

Edge o' Beyond Illustration Valma lingerie set, artwork created by Logan Spector Two women in love enjoying a lovely evening in over sparkling rosé

Because Valentine’s Day is approaching (and because I’m a hopeless romantic) I really wanted to do something sweet and amorous with this illustration. Plus, I will jump at any excuse to draw ladies in love. However, I’m a little short on time this week with other projects and such, so I only included a tiny bit of our leading lady’s lover in this illustration. That said, you better believe she is equally dressed (or rather, undressed) to the nines! Perhaps she’s wearing lingerie from the glamorous and stunning Fabienne collection…?

Edge o' Beyond Illustration Valma lingerie set, artwork created by Logan Spector Rough sketch and rough sketch with a color overlay slapped on

Because I really only had two days (in between other things) to do this illustration, so I didn’t have much time to spend on nice preliminary sketches or working out a color scheme. I did one very messy sketch and one color experiment and then just went for it! I guess that’s what this blog is for, though — just having fun with illustration and doing what I want.

Logan Spector is a freelance illustrator and animator with a deep appreciation of beautiful lingerie and luxury loungewear. She works from home, so she certainly knows a thing or two about fancy pyjamas! Her work is colourful and fresh, and she enjoys turning her illustrations into short looping animations any chance she gets. When she’s not busy with client work, Logan runs an illustrated lingerie blog, Wishful Inking, where she gets to cut loose and draw her favourite subject — beautiful women in glamorous underpinnings! 
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Written on February 9, 2018

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