Edge o' Beyond x Billie Bae
Here at Edge o’ Beyond we love seeing how different women wear and style our fabulous lingerie and jewellery options.
Image Source: @heybilliebae
Edge o' Beyond Charlotte
The absolutely stunning Billie Bae (@heybilliebae) recently shared some amazing footage with us of her in our Charlotte and Kathryn ranges with some of our signature jewellery pieces and we’ve been itching to share it with all of you.
Image Source: @heybilliebae
Edge o' Beyond Kathryn 
Check out the videos she made below showing off our bestselling Charlotte range as well as showing you how our stunning Kathryn range can be styled with the Joshua Chain.
We’re certain you’re bound to love them as much as we do!  

How do you wear your Edge o’ Beyond! Tag us in your photos on Instagram.
Written on October 2, 2018

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