Gentlemen’s Christmas Gift Guide
The theory is that women love opening a set of beautiful, indulgent lingerie on Christmas Day. While we know this to be true, it’s so important that the fit and style is right, or you’ve just given her a store credit in nicer packaging! Read our guide below to ensure you steer clear of the classic traps you could fall into while buying lingerie.


Get the Size Right

This is going to involve some snooping, gents. Knickers and thongs are sized XS-XL, just like clothing, which makes these the easiest to find. However, bras can be trickier. Always make sure to check more than one bra for size, as women may differ between brands. Our easy-size bras will be your best friend here, as the adjustable strapping spans multiple sizes. As long as you follow our size chart your lucky lady will receive a bra which provides the perfect fit.


 Maria Bra + Thong, Debbie Bra, High Waist Brief + James Necklace


Remember the Accessories

Lingerie which is gifted needs to be a step above from the everyday basics she usually wears. This is why we use only the finest fabrics, sumptuous silks, luxury lace and 24k gold components. But beyond this, it’s important to also remember the finishing touches which she maybe wouldn’t purchase just for herself. Suspenders, garters and jewellery all come into play here, and will show you truly think she deserves to be spoilt!

    Lourdes Choker, Playsuit + Garters, Tamara Bra, Suspender + Brief


Shop for Her, Not for You

It may be your fantasy to get her in a head to toe red silk set, but if she exclusively wears whites and nudes, you’re never going to see it. Buy something she loves, which suits her tastes. Aniel is crafted in bronze and gold hues, which make it understated as well as opulent. Our EOB illusion tulle suits any skin tone, which means one of our embroidered ranges, like Debbie, flatters everyone.

Aniel Bra, Waspie + Brief


If In Doubt, Take the Easier Route

If finding her bra size is too hard or you don’t feel fully comfortable that you know her dress size why not buy some gorgeously luxurious loungewear instead? The sizing of this is a lot more forgiving, but the garments make for just as much of an extravagant gift. Our beautiful midnight blue Lourdes playsuit looks just as chic with jeans as it does as nightwear, meaning you’ve sorted her Christmas Day outfit!


Lourdes Choker, Playsuit + Garters
Written on December 12, 2018

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