How to care for your EoB

Taking care of lingerie is always a maze and we know that it’s tricky to navigate so we thought it would be a good idea to draw you a map on how to care for your Edge o’ Beyond treasures! 

Edge o’ Beyond’s founder Naomi was recently featured commenting on caring for lingerie in a BBC News Article “Is Stella McCartney right – should we stop washing our clothes?”. We thought that because so many people don’t realise how they could be damaging their beautiful lingerie we would write you a guide for lifelong lasting lingerie!


Hand Washing You EoB Items 

Naomi was quoted in the BBC article advising Edge o’ Beyond customers hand wash their pieces, approximately every five wears, with something soft and gentle, like baby shampoo (a great way to care for individual lash extensions too!). Before washing any of our lingerie or swimwear don’t forget to remove any of our jewellery and fasten hook and eyes to avoid snagging.

  1. Fill a basin/sink or bathtub with enough lukewarm/cold water to be able to fully submerge your undergarments.
  1. Add baby shampoo, lingerie wash or a mild alcohol and enzyme free detergent to reduce damage to fabrics and elastic.
  1. Use a swirling and plunging motion gently on your delicates to loosen any dirt from the materials. Luckily this is most of the effort of hand-washing done, so don’t be scared off from doing it thinking it is too time consuming!
  1. Leave your garments to soak for up to an hour, for our briefs and thongs you can gently rub the fabric together to ensure all dirt loosens from the gusset. If any dirt resides you can also use an extra soft bristled toothbrush to gently clean in circular motions.
  1. Once soaked drain the basin/sink or bathtub and run the garments under a cold water tap and gently squeeze until the water runs clear, be sure not to wring your items out as this can damage the materials.
  1. For extra softness you can add a couple of drops of white vinegar to ensure all soaps come out of the fabric and to act as a fabric softener.
  1. Once rinsed lay flat to dry on a towel and place another towel on top and press to remove excess water.
  1. For our bras ensure to reshape the cups and hang to dry or lay them flat in their natural shape to keep the shape intact, for our briefs and thongs lay flat to dry.

    If you have any of our lingerie featuring Nappa leather detailing you can also purchase our Edge o’ Beyond Luscious Leather Lotion to add shine back into your leather! Apply this creamy treatment once your leather garments are dry by applying to a clean, soft cloth and softly buffing it into your pieces.


     Edge o' Beyond Luscious Leather Lotion 


    Storing Your EoB Bras 

    Once cleaned avoid crumpling your lingerie into one pile and instead sort your bras by the different cup styles and lay them in a line in a draw. This will prevent the cups of your bras from puckering or bending from being stored inverted or folded and lengthen your bra’s life.

    Caring for your EoB Jewellery

    Treating your Edge o’ Beyond jewellery with a little TLC will go a long way in increasing it’s lifespan. Between uses keep your jewellery shining by storing it in its pouch. Avoid getting your jewellery in direct contact with perfumes, deodorants, beauty and haircare products; they’re there to boost your confidence, not your jewellery’s!

Love EOB x
Written on July 10, 2019

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