Conquer the January Blues in 2019

The festive season is well and truly over, and with dry January in force, Christmas parties done and dusted and the purse strings tight, it is no wonder that January can feel to some like the gloomiest month of the year.

We have complied a guide to help you beat the famous January blues!

embrace winter
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1. Embrace the weather!

This may seem like an odd one, but try and slow down and adapt to the rhythm of the season. Enjoy the fact there isn’t loads to do + focus on dedicating some time to self-love! Take advantage while you can before things get hectic later in the year. Keep your loved ones close and take time to think about your future projects.

grey days
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2. Inject colour into the dark days

Make the most of the winter chill + get your daily dose of Vitamin D by going for a walk and staying active even when it feels the most difficult. Add a splash of colour to your wardrobe and banish the winter uniform of black + grey – it is bound to be a mood booster.

self confidence
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3. Work on your self confidence

Winter is a season for reflection, use it to deepen self-esteem and self-confidence.

Explore the way you behave in relationships, your emotional reactions and reconnect with your core values. Rediscover yourself during Winter to leave you feeling motivated and clear headed going into Spring.


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4. Set goals for the year ahead

We aren’t talking about setting yourself up for failure with absurd New Years Resolutions, but small achievable goals to help benchmark your year. Whether it is looking to make the move into a career you have always dreamed about, spend more time with friends or learning a new skill. Use your free time and weekend wisely -it’s easy to waste this time by moping around during cold days.

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5. Treat yourself!

As much as many of try and save the pennies at the beginning of the new year, it is important to not deprive yourself. Whether you buy yourself some nice lunch during the week at work, go for that coffee with a friend on the weekend, or indulge and buy some beautiful lingerie just for you – do whatever makes you feel happy. Lingerie has the ability to transform how you feel about yourself and is every woman’s secret weapon underneath your clothes, after-all it is what underneath that counts…

Written on January 16, 2019

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