How to Take Care of Your Skin Under a Face Mask

Face masks have become an essential part of our daily lives, + there’s no reason why we can’t protect ourselves in style! On our Depop shop, we have an array of beautifully handmade reusable face coverings, showcasing delicate embroidery designs adorning sumptuous triple A grade silk. With supreme comfort, these will suit any aesthetic + allow you to express your personality while concealing your features... Although they protect us, many of us suffer from the dreaded ‘maskne’, with dry + congested skin becoming a problem we never had to deal with before. Let us take you through our best tips on how to keep your skin looking it’s best…


 Although it seems obvious, regularly washing your mask is the best way to keep your skin happy. Recommended after every use, you can hand wash it with hot water + a gentle detergent to ensure that it is dirt + bacteria free.

Introducing our reusable face covering - crafted in the UK from a double layer of white triple A grade silk with a pocket to add your own filter. Our luxuriously soft face mask is designed for supreme comfort without compromising design. Adjustable silken straps are secured with 24k gold plated rings to match our lingerie.

Blue reusable face covering 


Moisturise! This prevents friction between your skin + the mask, + helps to prevent water loss. Avoid wearing heavy makeup – the humidity under your mask can lead to clogged pores + irritated skin. Opt for a lighter coverage or oil-free make-up to ensure that your skin doesn’t get congested.


reusable face covering crafted from two layers of triple A grade silk with pocket to add your own filter
White reusable face covering

Regularly cleanse your skin. Double cleansing is a new skin-care phenomenon, as the first cleanse using an oil-based or balm cleanser ensures that you have removed any excess oil, make-up + dirt, while the second cleanse, using a jelly or foaming cleanser targets concerns such as hydration, oil or break-outs.


reusable face covering crafted from triple A grade silk with pocket to add your own filter

Pink reusable face covering


Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Chemical serums or toners with BHAS like salicylic acid or AHAs like glycolic acid aim to remove dead skin cells + clean out your pores. This will keep your skin glowing + break-out free! Use your serum everyday if you wish, or a few times a week.


Here’s to healthy + happy skin…


Team EOB XX  

Written on May 19, 2021

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