Meet our Muse: Louisa
Hello Louisa! Tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Louisa, I’m 22 years old and am half Mauritian and half English. I studied English Literature at university and in my free time I enjoy photography, particularly film at the moment.
Why do you think it’s important to celebrate International Women’s Day?

It’s important because we need to highlight and praise the achievements of women due the extreme sexism we face even to this day, especially being told we aren’t capable of reaching the same levels as men and not being fully represented as much as men are. We as women have proved that we are capable of doing anything we put our minds to and International Women’s Day strengthens the need for equality.
This year’s theme is #ChooseToChallenge. Tell us about a time when you were faced with an obstacle that you challenged.

Lockdown has been the biggest obstacle as it has challenged me physically and mentally but I got through it and graduated which was important to me!
Tell me a time you felt the most empowered.

I felt empowered when working a job as well as doing my degree because I proved to myself that I can handle anything and achieve my goals even when stressed and tired.
What was your dream job as a little girl?

I’ve never really had a dream job but I love being creative so anything that allows me to do that.
If you could have dinner with 3 women, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Michelle Obama, Meghan Markle and Zendaya. These three women are empowering and have introduced great change in the political and social world: the first black First Lady, the first black woman within the Royal Family and the youngest woman and second black woman to win Lead Actress at Emmy awards! I am inspired by them and they also show that for women of colour particularly we are only just reaching these milestones and there is a long way to go.
What’s one piece of advice you would give to 18 year old you?

To stand up for myself more and put myself first instead of other people because your happiness is most important.
What is a change you would like to see for women in the next generation?

More inclusivity especially for trans women and less gender stereotypes, as no woman is the same, we are diverse and special in our own way.
What is your favourite thing about being a woman?

I love how we can connect to people and form bonds, we are very in touch with our emotions.
Edge o’ Beyond is inspired by you and has a range named after you. Who is a woman that inspires you and why?

My grandmother (mere mere) because she’s been through a lot in her life but she is so strong and she always supported me when I was growing up, plus she’s also the most stylish and beautiful grandmeremere I’ve ever seen (not biased).
How does wearing lingerie make you feel?

It makes me feel beautiful and empowered.
What’s your favourite EOB range?

All of them are stunning but I have the Debbie range and the detail is gorgeous, I love how the red looks on my skin.
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Written on March 12, 2021

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