Luring Ladies This Valentine's... We have some tips

It's hard when you're a woman, seducing another woman. It's so easy to accidentally end up in the friend zone. So, here are a few little sneaky tips to not accidentally end up with a new B-F-F rather than any S-E-X.

Be confident.

The first and most important tip for seduction on a date is confidence. It's sexy, it's seductive and it will have her eating out of your hand. To me that is so very attractive. I want to be with someone who is charming my pants off (literally).

Secondly, visual stimulation.

Eye contact is so important for lesbians. Sometimes I'll be in a bar, surrounded by straight people, but there'll be one girl who just won't stop staring in that cheeky way. It's the eye contact lesbian signal. Eye contact is the key to the lesbian gaydar. Well, that and short nails (sorry not sorry).

Be sensual, touch their arm.

This can instantly create a spark (for them and you). There's nothing more sexy than something you don't expect. If she reacts to that, then you know it's right, and going well.

Ambience is key.

Choose a place where the lights are low and the music is soft, you don't want to be screaming at your date or rammed in a corner. (Or maybe you do).


Just like the animal kingdom, your scent is an important part of the seduction process. Add a touch of fragrance, enough to leave a trail, but not too much where you leave her eyes watering.

And above all...

Go in early for a kiss, because all of the above is invalid if they kiss you like a washing machine... or that boy you kissed in year 8 (before you knew). And make sure to have some seductive EOB lingerie on... just in case.

Love, Katie Atkinson of Peach Trail x

Written on January 16, 2017

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  • Love the blog post katie!

    From Megan Susan on January 16, 2017

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