EOB'S Luxury Holiday must haves!

Items above:  Balenciaga Sliders ,Passport Cover , EOB Tote Bag, Sun Cream ,Earrings ,Sunglasses ,Gucci Sunglasses, Jacob

Going on holiday can be stressful when you don’t know what to pack. Whether it’s a weekend trip or a long vacation, here are some of Team EOB's holiday must haves - things we believe are essential when jetting off for a well-deserved break.

  1. Passport Holder                                                                                                    Think of the three B’s: Bold, Bright and Beautiful! An eye-catching passport case while travelling is essential to have. There’s nothing worse than rummaging through your bag and not being able to find the most important document you need to travel with.
  1. Sliders                                                                                                                    Whilst walking across the beach or going to your favourite restaurant or coming back to the hotel after a long night of being in heels dancing the night away, comfortable footwear is a girl’s best friend. Sliders are versatile and fit any occasion.
  1. Tote Bag                                                                                                                   All women need something to store odds and ends in. That can be makeup, water bottle + snacks or any key essentials. While on holiday you don’t want to bring something too heavy, or that wastes valuable packing space in your suitcase.Tote bags are convenient and are suitable with every look. They complement any and every outfit. Why not try our EOB tote bag perfect to take along with you wherever you’re going.
  1. Sun Cream                                                                                                            Peacefully sunbathing in the scorching sun is one of the best parts of relaxing when on holiday. But remember, there’s nothing more important than the protection of your skin.We recommend using sun cream that has a high SPF, such as 30, so you can enjoy your holiday burn-free! 
  1. Jewellery                                                                                                                Less is more while being on vacation but not when it comes to jewellery. Having statement pieces enhance any look and makes you stand out from the crowd. Colourful accessories bring anything to life. We are talking orange, green, pink, purple, yellow, gold. Don’t be afraid of colour. Check out our unique jewellery pieces. Jacob is amazing paired with our Nadine bikini.
  1. Sunglasses                                                                                                         Sunglasses are one of the key items to pack with you on any holiday. As soon as you get off the plane pop them straight on and show everyone you have arrived. If there’s ever a time to experiment with statement patterns and designs it’s on vacation!

         We hope you have a fantastic holiday. 



 Image from Pexels 
Written on July 17, 2018

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