Meet Our Team: Elissa

Behind Edge o’ Beyond is a team of powerful women. Let us introduce ourselves + our exciting roles, with a special discount just for you...

What’s your role at EOB?

My role as quality control operative is to ensure the quality & fit of our styles are perfect for the customer.
What do you love about working at EOB?

I'm surrounded by beautiful lingerie & working with a Team of inspiringly strong females.
What inspired you to work in this industry?

My love for lingerie and how it structures the body.
What does a typical day at work look like for you?

My days never seem to be typical, but the majority of the day is taken up by QC'ing stock, pattern cutting & liasing with the product developers and occasionally fulfilling customer orders & wholesale.
What is your favourite EOB range?

Anwulika is my all time favourite, the dipped centre front on the bra is so flattering and the additional strapping details just create the perfect silhouette.


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What’s your favourite piece from this range?

The bra is definitely my favourite piece, it’s made up of 2 different laces which work perfectly together to create a perfect placement and the dainty strapping detail gives it that edge.
How does lingerie make you feel when you wear it?

Empowered; when everything is matching it feels like my life's together!
What do you like to do as self care?

Self care is so important! My list is honestly endless – I absolutely love getting a manicure but will also spend an hour in the bath with a face mask on and a good book.
What does your ideal day out/night in look like?

Day out consists of bottomless brunch with the girls (how basic of me) but I love getting dressed up and going out. Night in consists of a date night with a take away & wine.
What's your favourite food/drink combo?

Seafood pasta & a glass of rose...
Tell us your best joke!

The best underwear jokes are brief.
Tea or Coffee?

Tea – 100% fresh peppermint with honey is my fave.
What TV show do you love atm?

Below Deck; fantasising about being on luxury yachts!
What's your favourite cheese?


Anwulika by Edge o' Beyond – Elissa's favourite lingerie range
Written on July 30, 2021

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