Meet Our Team: Keri

Behind Edge o’ Beyond is a team of powerful women. Let us introduce ourselves + our exciting roles, with a special discount just for you...

What’s your role at EOB?

Sewing Machinist
What do you love about working at EOB?

No day is the same – there is always a variety of jobs to do + styles to work on. I also love the company!
What is your favourite EOB range?

Marinette Illusion, The material is lovely, like your skin but better.


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What’s your favourite piece from this range?

Her high waist brief.
How does lingerie make you feel when you wear it?

It makes me feel young + exciting...
What do you like to do as self care?

Anything relaxing is my form of self-care + I love to do gardening.
What's your favourite food/drink combo?

Tea or Coffee?

What TV show do you love atm?

Impossible + a period drama
What's your favourite cheese?


Marinette Illusion by Edge o' Beyond – Keri's favourite lingerie range
Written on August 13, 2021

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