Meet Our Team: Olivia

Behind Edge o’ Beyond is a team of powerful women. Let us introduce ourselves + our exciting roles, with a special discount just for you...

What’s your role at EOB?

Senior Product Developer - I bring designs to life + create the perfect fit!
What do you love about working at EOB?

Surrounded in beautiful colours, embroideries, shapes + of course, people.
What inspired you to work in this industry?

My true passion for lingerie + intricacy, there is nothing more satisfying to me, than a perfectly fitting bra, + moreover, knowing that I created that.
What does a typical day at work look like for you?

I don't have a typical day ever! It is always different. Lots of pattern edits, developing fits from fit notes, editing technical packs, ensuring our factory are on schedule, calculating costings, sometimes designing, liaising with suppliers, you name it, I'm sure I've done it!
What is your favourite EOB range?

Olivia will always be my fave as that is my creation, but bias aside, I am in love with Barbie + have always been in love with Daisy. Zuzia is also a new favourite! I LOVE bright colours, I cannot get enough. Having bold colours on lingerie is so unheard of to most, but the way we apply it, in my opinion, is utterly beautiful.


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What’s your favourite piece from this range?

In terms of shape, my favourite piece is the Olivia/Sally/Nikki bra. The unique bridge-strap design was inspired by my graduate collection, I knew I needed to bring it into my collection, as it got so many comments when I graduated, I needed to continue it!
How does lingerie make you feel when you wear it?

It very much depends on my mood, but in general, feminine, womanly + strong.
What do you like to do as self care?

I love my skin care routine, + I cannot beat a face mask every now + then! Also my hair is very long, and very curly, so I like to do a hair mask sometimes!
What does your ideal day out/night in look like?

I'm not the biggest drinker, only really if i'm only having 1 or 2. So I'd say, either a dog walk, or some kind of afternoon tea!
What's your favourite food/drink combo?

Love a pasta dish/risotto, + a cold glass of white wine
Tell us your best joke!

Knock Knock -Who's there? Olivia -Olivia who? O-Liv-ia but I lost my key
Tea or Coffee?

What TV show do you love atm?

Friends is my favourite + always will be...
What's your favourite cheese?

Goats cheese without a doubt - but I am becoming lactose intolerant recently, which i'm really sad about!!!

Olivia + Zuzia by Edge o' Beyond – Olivia's favourite lingerie ranges
Written on July 2, 2021

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