Wonderful Wedding Gifts

 It is officially wedding season, the season of celebrating love. The season that gives us all an excuse to dress up nice and go to fabulous parties. Weddings are wonderful but if we’re being honest,  it can be very difficult buying wedding gifts for our loved ones. We don't want to buy ordinary gifts like kitchen supplies or gift cards for someone who is dear to our hearts. We want to buy things that are meaningful and exciting. 

Home Decor 

Soho Home- Audley Coffee Tin- Liberty 
One typical gift for a newly wed is home decor, but how do we transform a basic home decor gift into something lovely and sentimental ? We have a few options.
One way we can make our simple gift more personal is by customizing it for the couple. This makes the gift more unique and gives the item a sentimental value. Another way to show someone you care is by buying something that is a bit more extravagant than your average household item. For example, buying luxury and designer home decor is huge trend. If you know your loved one’s  favorite brands you can always incorporate them in the gift you bought for their house hold. 

Luxury Gifts  

Ralph Lauran - Nolan Photo Frame- Lux Deco


When buying a wedding present you can't go wrong with Lingerie for the bride. This is a present that is personal and will benefit both the bride and groom.
Edge O' Beyond- Margaret Cami - Silk and Lace 
Lingerie for the bride is always a great wedding gift, look for something that is elegant, beautiful, and most importantly not cheaply constructed.
When buying lingerie for a bride, it is crucial to make sure you're buying an item that is high quality so that the bride has something that will last. Buying lingerie made from high quality materials and sewed properly will allow the bride (and groom) to enjoy the piece for years to come.
Edge O' Beyond- Margaret Cami - Silk and Lace
Margaret is an effortlessly elegant lingerie range by Edge O’ Beyond. It is crafted from the most luscious silk, exquisite lace ruffles and scallops. It is wonderfully classic and endlessly romantic. Margaret is a fantastic gift for a bride to be.
If you simply can't find the right gift for your loved one, you can't go wrong with helping toward a honeymoon or something special. When booking a spa day or vacation make sure to let the days be far in advanced in courtesy of the newly weds schedules. 
Hopefully this post helped you brain storm some great gift ideas. Remember to  keep in mind you have plenty of options for wedding gifts this. Don't let the stress of trying to find the perfect gift ruin your fun this wedding season!
Love, Team EOB xxx
Written on July 12, 2019

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