10 Reasons Why Luxury Lingerie Is a Good Investment

Here at Edge o' Beyond we are passionate about what we do and we LOVE lingerie! Here are our top 10 reasons why we think beautiful underwear is worth the investment. 

Edge o' Beyond Luxury Lingerie Marinette bra, suspenders, brief and thong


1. Gorgeous lingerie is a great confidence booster

When what's underneath looks good, you feel good, boosting your confidence and self-esteem. Lingerie should make you fall in love with yourself, so treat your body to luxury lingerie from EOB to feel your best 24/7. 

Edge o' Beyond Luxury women's underwear lingerie ranges madeleine, fabienne and valma


2. Well fitting bras make a big difference

We spend months making sure the fit of our pieces are on point! When your lingerie fits well, the clothes you wear look better on your body. If you need help with sizing, have a look at our post on getting the perfect fit.

Catering to different shapes and sizes is something we take pride in here at EOB. We want all woman to feel beautiful and love their bodies, so we extensively sample all of our pieces on a range of sizes. In addition to having bras with 30-36 back and A-E cup size, many of our pieces are adjustable in order to get the perfect fit for your body.

3. Underwear as outerwear is always in fashion

Our lingerie is extra special because you can be versatile with it. Underwear this good is designed to be seen! Nail the underwear as outerwear trend with our Colette bra. The peek-a-boo cut-outs and gorgeous strapping details looks great with a fitted black blazer or under a white vest top.

Edge o' Beyond Luxury Lingerie Colette bralette bra with black strapping


4. Quality lingerie is built to last

Luxury lingerie can be more expensive, but don't you want your lingerie to last? Lingerie should look the same every time you put it on, not distort or fall apart after a single wash. This is also why we use 24k gold dipped hardware, as it doesn't tarnish or turn your skin a funny colour! We have also created leather care cream for our leather pieces, as well as care instructions for all our pieces. 

5. Shopping for luxury lingerie is fun

When there are so many amazing styles to choose from how can you not love lingerie shopping? Buying something decadent just for yourself means you’ll be left smiling and feeling great.

6. Unique fabrics and the finest materials

We spend a lot of time hand-picking our favourite materials and components from Europe to make sure each EOB piece is spectacular. We use an abundance of French Leavers lace and bespoke designed embroidery. We create bold designs using a combination of sensational fabrics to produce quality items worth every penny.

7. You never know when beautiful lingerie will come in handy

It’s always good to have some jaw dropping pieces of lingerie: you don’t always just want to look good just for yourself! Let others appreciate your beauty in your EOB that makes you look and feel incredible.

Edge o' Beyond Luxury Lingerie Corinne Noir soft cup triangle lace bra and lace briefs with 18k gold jewellery


8. Comfort is key

Not just a pretty face, our lingerie fits perfectly so that you can be comfortable 24/7. Our lingerie has flawless finishings so you won't see any exposed pieces of wire, loose fabrics or rogue threads. 

9. Wearing luxury lingerie is empowering 

There's a sensation we all get when wearing your best lingerie. This feeling that comes from deciding to do something just for yourself, as you've worked hard to treat yourself to something special. Choosing to slip into beautiful underwear enhances your allure, which is truly empowering.

10. You're investing in yourself

Look good, feel good, you’re worth it! We encourage all our customers to invest in themselves. You should be your number one priority!

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Written on February 5, 2018

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