How To Get The Perfect Fit For Your Lingerie

There's nothing more frustrating than falling in love with a set only to try it on and find out it doesn't fit and you can't quite put your finger on why. You've followed the size guide, you think you've measured yourself correctly, but it's still just not coming together! 

We've grabbed our fabulous product developers who have put together a guide to help get that flawless fit and ensure every set suits you perfectly. After all - it's what's underneath that counts! 

First things first, check out our size guide for all measurement conversions and guides, and then see below for some lesser known tips...

Edge o' Beyond Luxury Lingerie backstage image of gold lace ahlan range bra, suspender and brief

"My Bra Feels Too Big! Why?"

  • If your bra wings (the part of the bra which wraps around the side of your body) are riding up your back it means the band is too big. Try going down a band size for a tighter fit. If you feel like you're in between sizes you can always use a bra extender to get rid out of that pesky middle ground. 
  • Can you run your finger under your bra wire easily? This is a sign the wires aren't fully sitting under your bust. Try going down a band size as it'll hold the cups closer to your body.
  • If the top cup is gaping (you shouldn't be able to see nipple when you look down!) try going down a cup size. 
  • Are your straps falling down even when adjusted correctly? Your band size is too big, and the straps aren't sitting on the correct part of your shoulder (They should be in the little dip near your collar bones) 
  • If the cups look wrinkly and not as beautiful as you'd imagined try going down a cup size as your boobs might not be fully filling the cup.  

Edge o' Beyond Luxury Lingerie Backstage image Becca black silk and gold lace bra, suspenders and thong with sheer silk shirt

"Eek - My Bra Feels Too Small!"

  • If the top edge of the cup is cutting in try going up a cup size to get more volume. 
  • If the wires are digging in or pinching the side of your boobs you need to go up a cup size to get complete coverage of your entire breast area. 
  • Everyone has one boob slightly bigger than the other - it's totally natural! But it's always best to dress for the larger of the two as you can literally damage breast tissue by cramming yourself into a too-small cup.  

Edge o' Beyond Luxury Lingerie backstage image of gold lace ahlan range bra, suspender and brief behind view

"Something's Wrong... But I'm Not Sure What!"

  • Always adjust your straps as they can make a huge difference to the fit and lift of any bra. For the ideal fit you shouldn't be able to fit more than two fingers underneath.
  • Is the centre front of the bra sitting slightly away from your body? This can be a sign the bra is too small; try going up a cup size.
  • Do you just feel a bit unsupported? A three-piece cup bra is the best bra to lift a bust and give you that little boost. Try looking for those tell tale vertical & horizontal seams down the middle of the cup for the most flattering shape. 
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Written on November 30, 2017

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