A British bra in Paris
In January, Edge o’ Beyond took on Paris for a week of leisure, liquor, luscious lingerie... and a bit of work. We wanted to give you a peek of what we got up to, so next time you can visit Paris EOB style.


We ate:

We enjoyed fabulous French cuisine. The George Pompidou Restaurant has some of the finest food and finest views Paris has to offer. We were so excited to eat here and it didn’t disappoint. We started with nems - chicken spring rolls - which were delicious. These were followed by a gorgeous chicken curry and rice. We admit this wasn’t particularly French, but like Paris, it was delicate and sophisticated. We couldn’t recommend it enough! If you are looking for something a bit more cutsie French, head to Ile Saint Louis, this is where Paris started! It is right in the centre of Paris, and surrounded by the river, it has beautiful views. My favourite cafe is the Saint Regis for hot chocolate and frites!

We drank:

Paris is the city of love, and the city of liquor too. To drink like the French, we recommend a trip to Andy Wahloo. This secret bar requires a knock on the door before you can enter. Like the French, its chic and sophisticated. Drinks are ordered from book-bound menus that will educate you to become a cocktail connoisseur. The EOB team stuck to Vodka Mules, which were strong as they were delicious. To top it all off, Andy Wahloo had our favourite music and a light up dancefloor. C’etait parfait.

We were cultured:

Paris is home to some of the world’s greatest art and EOB made sure not to miss out. As you know, we always like to break from tradition. Instead of the Louvre or the Musee D'Orsay, went to the Jeff Koon’s exhibition and the Pompidou centre. This was completely different to anything we’d seen in Paris before. Our favourites were the pregnant balloon lady and the old school Nike posters, but we definitely recommend you check it out and choose your own!

We Window Shopped:

There are so many places you should visit in Paris! Colette is a super cool concept store. We bumped into Karl Lagerfeld last time we visited! They also have a water bar downstairs which is quite amusing. I had a milkshake though.. Then there is Merci, which also has a sweet little cafe which is great for a quick breakfast and a coffee. We would recommend taking the metro, it's a super easy way to get around Paris. Just buy a carnet of 10 tickets for your trip. 66 on Champs Elysees always has a lovely curated selection of shoes, menswear and womenswear. 

We saw Willy Cartier:

Willy Cartier, the current face of Diesel, is a longtime friend of EOB. Willy came to see us exhibiting at Salon International de la Lingerie and explored Paris with us in our spare time. Willy did request that we name a lingerie set after him... He was left disappointed (and confused!) as to why english-speaking women may not be that comfortable ‘putting on their new willy!’ If Willy’s lucky maybe a Cartier collection is still on the cards!

We (cat) walked:

The main purpose of our trip was to show some lingerie, and that’s exactly what we did. We took part in three days of fashion shows, strutting our stuff twice a day. We showed off our Elise, Evie Ivory, Rihanna, Louisa and Alexina sets. Our models looked beautiful and we had so much fun! We just hope Paris loved our collections, as much as we’ve loved Paris!

Written on March 11, 2015

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