Lingerie inspiration: Marrakesh

Last week EOB visited Marrakesh for some sun and sights. We didn't expect to be to so inspired by the colours, shapes and patterns we came across in Morocco! Marrakesh was absolutely beautiful, and we wanted to share the best parts with you!

The patterns


Marrakesh was covered with the most beautiful patterns. We found gates with gorgeous metalwork, stunning ceilings and beautiful brickwork. We can't wait to bring these beautiful designs to our drawing room and create something really special for you!

The Colours

From bold blues (which really did remind us of our Alexina range!) to deep reds to gorgeous golds, Marrakesh was full of bold colours, we cant help think would like lovely in lace! 

The Culture

We visited markets, ate Moroccan food and even enjoyed a camel ride! Keep an eye out for Moroccan influences in future EOB collections! 





Written on April 24, 2015

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