Are you beach body ready?

If you’re in London, or you use the internet, you may have seen the ‘Are you beach body ready?’ poster. In case you missed it, this advert for protein pills and shakes features a bikini-wearing woman with the ‘ideal’ beach body and asks us if we’re beach body ready.   At EOB, we’re slightly baffled by this - to be ‘beach body ready’ surely you need  just 2 things: 1. A body; 2. A beach.

We don’t believe in telling women how their bodies should look (we make lingerie for all different sizes), we’re much more focused on making women feel beautiful. Beauty does not come from diet pills or protein shakes, but from feeling comfortable in your own skin and surrounding yourself with people who bring out the best in you.

Feeling beautiful and sexy can also come from the lingerie you wear. Regardless of your shape or size, how toned you are (or are not!), how big your boobs are or flat your bum is, beautiful lingerie looks beautiful.  Wearing a lace brief or a satin bra can make you feel instantly sexy and looks amazing for you (or for someone else!).

Please don’t worry about being ‘beach body ready’ because you already are!! But do make sure you feel as sexy and confident as possible all year round by being happy in your skin and treating yourself to the gorgeous lingerie you deserve.


Illustration of Edge o' Beyond Luxury Lingerie with gilt thread detailing in lace

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Written on May 19, 2015

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