Feel Sexy & Confident for Valentine’s Day

Self-love, confidence and appreciating yourself are difficult things to practice, but if you have ever had a set of lingerie that fits you perfectly, you know that it has a transformative effect on your mind and body. We probably never feel more desirable and beautiful than when our significant other is looking at us.

We have compiled the perfect guide for lingerie on Valentines.


1. Discover what’s underneath..

The delicate and alluring strap of a suspender discreetly showing up under your dress or jewellery slipping under your low-cut neckline will get hearts pumping this valentines, all while remaining demure and elegant. 

first picture
Viennemilano + KathrynSamuel
second pictureOdile + Adam


2. Reveal your naughty side with killer materials

Black leather lingerie can make you feel like a confident femme fatale – and a bit dangerous maybe? Opt for a sensual, refined and perfectly irresistible body featuring Maria for Valentine’s day.  

third picture
Maria body + Maria set + Michael

Or the combination of feminine eyelash lace and bold strapping with Tamara.. 

fourth pictureTamara

 3. Playful Peeps

Who says a brief can’t be sensual & revealing? Certainly not us!

Feel comfortable AND irresistible with one of our numerous daring + playful briefs. Business in the front, party in the back!

fifth pictureTamara + Evie + Charlotte  


 4. Let your light shine 

Don’t want to spend a fortune this Valentines? No problem, spice up your existing underwear with jewellery attachments. Worn over or under your clothes the chains take your lingerie to new sparkling heights.  

sixth picture
Aniel & Benjamin + Tamia & Michael 


Written on February 11, 2019

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