How to wear Jewellery and Body Chains with Lingerie

What comes to mind when you think of Edge Beyond? Luxury fabrics, check. Jaw-dropping designs, check. But something very close to our hearts is also our unique jewellery attachments. At Edge Beyond we stand by our statement that its what’s underneath that counts, but some things are so gorgeous that they deserve to be seen!

Our lovely customers sometimes ask us how they can combine outfits with our jewellery so that they can get more wear from their beloved Edge Beyond items. Since each of our jewellery pieces are all so unique, we wanted to provide a few ideas and outfits where our jewellery peeks through, or is the main focus (depending on your mood).

How To Wear Lingerie Jewelry and Body Chains - Edge o´ Beyond - Look 1

(Outfit from Missguided)

Pairing a black deep-v blouse with our JAMES jewellery and AHLAN BRA in gold creates a timeless black & gold look which is sure to impress.


How To Wear Lingerie Jewelry and Body Chains - Edge o´ Beyond - Look 2

(Outfit from Missguided)

Enhance our MADELINE BRA with our JAMES PLUS chain under a champagne wrap around top and spice up a toned-down outfit.


How To Wear Lingerie Jewelry and Body Chains - Edge o´ Beyond - Look 3 

(Outfit from Missguided)

Upgrade this co-ord outfit with our BENJAMIN bra chains which pairs perfectly with any crop top or midriff baring style, and our KARIS BRA, a smooth silk bra which will sit seamlessly under any fabric or fitted tops without any problems.

Why we pride ourselves on our jewellery: Edge Beyond is innovating in everything feminine and luxurious, and our aim is to make women feel amazing. Just as all our lingerie is designed to capture the female figure and celebrate all its shapes, our jewellery does exactly the same. Our jewellery is created specifically to complement and enhance all our lingerie, and is crafted from 18k Mauritian gold dipped hardware which never fades, tarnishes, or turns your skin green like cheaper versions would. The slender gold chains cascade down the figure and embellish your skin in a way that makes you feel truly luxurious. We are the pioneers of jewellery-lingerie attachments and aim to make women feel as glamorous as all our designs.

So, whether you want to keep your EOB jewellery in the bedroom to give your lingerie a tantalizing enhancement to show off your frame, or you dare to bare and work them into your wardrobe – our range of jewellery has got you covered.


The Edge Beyond team 

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Written on February 22, 2018

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