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Here at Edge o’ Beyond, we want a longer lingerie love affair. We are forever endeavouring to be more sustainable.

Creating luxurious lingerie is at the heart of what we do + we are consciously taking steps, both big + small, to become a more sustainable + planet-friendly company.

From initial design + sampling in our London atelier to our impeccably skilled seamstresses in Wales, your beautiful EOB lingerie is constructed entirely within the UK, using the finest materials sourced as locally as possible. We choose our suppliers with care, prioritising high quality, environmentally friendly + socially responsible production. Reducing waste + minimising the impact to our precious planet as much as possible is so important to us.


Our Design Process


Edge o’ Beyond lingerie is lovingly hand-crafted in the UK. We launched in 2015 + produced our pieces in Wales, but after a few years, in an effort to reduce costs, we moved production abroad - however a couple of years ago, we made the conscious decision to move production back to the UK in order to reduce our carbon footprint. We have even shouldered the increase in productions costs so you won’t be paying anymore. From when an idea comes to fruition in our London-based design studio, to when our garments are made in our Welsh factory, it is a process that we have streamlined to endeavour to reduce our impact on the environment. 

In our London atelier we do all the design work to dream up your gorgeous lingerie, create the patterns as well as sampling the garments. We sample using excess fabrics that have been left over from previous collections, or spare fabric pieces to massively reduce any fabric wastage. This also allows us to craft beautiful, one-of-a-kind garments which we use for fits + development. By keeping the initial sampling stages in-house, it prevents any unnecessary emissions, + allows us to make fit adjustments + design changes to the garments there + then.

Moreover, we are big believers in giving back to our lovely customers, so any samples that we create + no longer need, are then uploaded to purchase on our Sample Sale shop: Depop. This also ensures our sample garments don’t end up in landfills.

Our Depop Shop - @edgeobeyond

Once our patterns are finalised, we then send them to our highly skilled seamstresses in Wales. Prior to construction, a “cutter“ determines the fabrics usage - the pattern pieces are placed in a tessellation-style across the fabric, so that we can minimise fabric wastage. We still aim to make use of the leftover fabric by using the offcuts for our gussets, other smaller pattern pieces or for sampling.

Our three Welsh seamstresses construct all our beautiful EOB lingerie, swim + loungewear pieces. If you’d like to see a clip of them at work, please see our highlighted Instagram story. The production of high quality products ensures a long product life cycle, so you can enjoy a long lingerie love affair. 

Once production is completed, all the newly sewn garments are then returned back to EOB’s London atelier where each piece goes through rigorous quality control, measuring for fit + accuracy + appearance, before being sent to be loved by you.

A peek inside our Welsh factory, where all our gorgeous lingerie is hand-crafted to perfection

Our Fabrics 


Here at EOB, we are always conscious where our raw materials come from, + the effects that will have on the planet. We choose to source from the UK + Europe, in order to reduce our carbon footprint. For example, our embroideries are designed + crafted in Walincourt, France. Our supplier holds Oeko-Tex Standard certification, for Confidence in Textiles, meaning the embroideries are created in a safe, environmentally friendly + socially responsible way.

Our gorgeous Debbie set, featuring bespoke floral embroidery and bondage-inspired strapping.

All our componentry + sparkling 24k gold-plated hardware is made in Millery, France, + our silks are triple A grade standard + like our satins + jerseys, are all sourced from the UK. The buttery-soft Napa Leather that we use to craft our gorgeous Maria body +  lingerie garments is a subsidary of the meat industry, so stopping the leather from going to waste.

Maria is our delicious offering of buttery-soft lamb’s Napa Leather, paired with EOB’s signature illusions tulle + 24K gold plated hardware.

Our packaging is now fully recyclable + all orders over £250 come in a beautiful, reusable silk or satin drawstring bag which you can use to store your lingerie + ensure it lasts lovely longer.   

What are we at EOB going to do next?


We are always looking for ways to be better +  to do better. 

For the first time, AW20 sees the release of a nursing range which includes luxurious + reusable nursing pads for all the new mumma’s out there. These specially designed pads have been developed to ensure they are comfortable to wear +  look + feel beautiful, so you take the next step of your life into motherhood without compromising your beautiful underpinnings.

Written on July 2, 2020

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