Luxury vs High-street - Why Choose To Spend More?

Luxury or high street? How to choose?
Whether you are a loyal fan of either one, or mix your underwear draw up to have both, we want to take you through the perks of both, and why in our opinion, splashing the extra cash will be worth it in the long run! 
Often, it is more expensive for a reason...


1. Brand Name

Whether we want to admit it or not, we are all guilty of buying something
because it comes from a certain brand, and these are not found
on every high street, but so what? Enjoy it!
Especially in the world of lingerie, brands don't get a reputation without working
hard to get there. Whether it is quality design, material or simply the
community created - revel in it. Don't forget though to keep an eye on smaller brands, the new up and comers to the game.
You might find a hidden gem and be hooked for life!

Bridal Brand


2. Quality

Quality is the biggest difference you'll find when comparing a luxury
bra to a high street one. Don't get us wrong, sometimes we all need to fling on 
a comfy bra that we've had for years on a rainy Sunday and settle in front
of our favourite t.v. show, but when it comes to transforming yourself and getting
a confidence boost, you cannot go wrong with a bit of luxury. 
Particularly with Edge o' Beyond, our materials are sourced from the finest suppliers, with French Leavers Lace,
soft Nappa Leather (responsibly sourced can we add!),
illusion tulle, bold strapping and delicate intricate embroidery, there simply is no comparison on the high street.
High street styles are made quickly + cheaply, and for this reason you're going to spend a little, but more often.
Rarely lasting more than a few months + easily distorted in the washing
machine, that old bra you are clinging onto is going to do nothing
for your shape or your confidence!

Debbie Bra

Debbie Bra

3. Design + Style

Perhaps one of the biggest downfalls to the high street, is the copycat style.
Although sometimes you can find a good mimic from a higher designer,
most styles and designs are easily replicated and this is also reflected in the quality. With high street brands you'll always find your size from the multitude of
stock, and although handy, original is one thing you cannot call it.
 Without the close attention to quality control that you'll find from 
a luxury brand, the shape can often look odd, and mistakes in the big
production line often missed (cue that pesky wire giving you a
stab when you least expect it!).
All our pieces are lovingly designed in the UK, with the
highest attention to detail and all samples made in London.
We constantly push for new innovative designs while staying true to our 
unique EOB style, which you would recognise anywhere!
Every bra, brief, thong + suspender are lovingly handmade and go through
a rigorous design + sample process to ensure the
perfect fit + design for every size.



So in our eyes, it is a no brainer. Looking for lingerie to wow? Luxury it is. 
Whether it is for yourself, someone else, or a gift for someone special.
Guaranteed to last longer, fit better, have bespoke designs + materials
luxury lingerie will have you feeling fantastic on the outside + within.
We're biased but to browse a selection of some of our
favourite designs head here!

P.S. We also won't judge you for your comfy bra either, we aren't throwing ours
away anytime soon, because sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

Love EOB x


Written on April 5, 2019

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