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Make Summer Last with Edge o' Beyond...

Summer is nearly over and while we're looking forward to big blankets, an excuse for early nights and of course the launch of our new season we're also clinging to our glasses of crisp rosé and easy sundresses. Here are the EOB top tips for how to keep that summer bronze for as long as possible, until you're ready to make the transition to Autumn.

1. Moisturise

You need to keep your skin nice and hydrated, so moisturise at least once a day. Try and use all natural products, especially something with Aloe Vera, to also give your skin all the nutrients it needs.

2. Drink Water

Hydration comes from the inside as well as outside, so make sure to drink lots of water to help prevent skin flaking. 

3. Choose the Right Outfits 

Wear colours and fabrics which enhance your glow - silks and chiffons look great against tanned skin, as does white and gold. Our Evie in buttercream with metallic lace detail is perfect to show off bronzed limbs. 

4. Exfoliate

A gentle exfoliation twice a week will remove all your dead skin cells to keep your skin looking smooth and healthy and help reduce patchiness. We recommend Frank body scrub, an all-natural coffee based exfoliator (a little goes a long way!) 

5. Fake it

A little bit of gradual tanner never hurt anybody. And we won't tell if you don't...!

Written on August 29, 2017

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