Introducing: The Karis Mastectomy Bra
As a woman, lingerie is something that has the power to make us feel ultimately feminine. Whether it's some risqué lace, a skin-tight corset or a layer of silky satin adorning your body, it makes you feel amazing. There is a piece of lingerie to cater to every mood, style and occasion, and that's something we always strive to provide here at Edge o' Beyond.


No matter your personal situation or circumstance, you should have every opportunity to look and feel your absolute best. That's where our new Karis Mastectomy bra comes in.

Karis Mastectomy bra + Karis High Waist brief with Samuel
An extension of Edge o' Beyond's classic Karis range, the Karis Mastectomy bra features full-coverage silk bottom cups with illusion top cups in a beautiful bronze silk, created to mimic your typical plunge bra. To ensure this bra is entirely functional, it includes pockets with 3 different openings, which will enable you to fit different sized prosthesis's into it.


There's also no need to worry about our bra causing any pain or discomfort to scarring as there is a soft jersey inner lining which extends over the side seam of the bra.


Karis Mastectomy bra, Karis classic brief + Karis suspender with Benjamin + Joshua
This bra has been tailored to accommodate the lingerie needs of those ladies who have had mastectomies. After speaking to multiple women who have undergone mastectomies, it was clear that there was a collective frustration over the lack of contemporary, luxury and more design orientated options.


As our founder Naomi De Haan said; "having a mastectomy doesn't change your taste for lace or mean you want to stop wearing the lingerie you love."


Lovingly made to order, the Karis Mastectomy bra is available online now.
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Written on December 13, 2018

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