Meet Our Team: Evie

Behind Edge o’ Beyond is a team of powerful women. Let us introduce ourselves + our exciting roles, with a special discount just for you...

What’s your role at EOB?

Part of the Brand Operations Team and handling Customer Care. I also manage our Depop Store and dabble in a little bit of press and communications.
What do you love about working at EOB?

I love that I get to be part of a company within the lingerie industry that is always working on becoming more size inclusive while still providing beautiful + innovative designs.
What inspired you to work in this industry?

I’m a lingerie addict myself. I LOVE lingerie! It makes sense that I would want to be in an industry that allows me to be part of this community. It gives me great pleasure helping people find their perfect fits and dream sets!
What does a typical day at work look like for you?

I’ll usually start my day catching up on customer emails and shipping out any Depop orders. The rest of my day can include a range of things; photographing and uploading new Depop stock, organising sample send outs for press, planning sample sales, arranging exchanges + returns for our customers and so much more!
What is your favourite EOB range?

My all time favourite so far has been Awa but from our current ranges I would have to pick Daisy... Awa, because she combines a very feminine element with her floral lace while still having a mysterious and gothic edge with her striking black colour, + Daisy is one of my favourites simply because she is so unique and playful! There’s nothing quite like her out on the market and in my opinion she suits everyone!


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What’s your favourite piece from this range?

It’s always the bras for me. I don’t always get a chance to wear my luxury knickers but you can guarantee my bra is always fabulous! Plus I love showing off my bras as outerwear every chance I get!
How does lingerie make you feel when you wear it?

Confident, powerful and invincible!
What do you like to do as self care?

Sometimes it’s something as simple as doing my nails but honestly, nothing beats a good nap on a big comfy couch!
What does your ideal day out/night in look like?

Exploring a new city with friends, visiting galleries and then enjoying lunch and drinks at a lovely restaurant. Maybe even a cheeky shopping spree, why not.
What's your favourite food/drink combo?

Too many to count! But if I had to eat pizza and drink pornstar martinis for the rest of my life I wouldn’t complain.
Tell us your best joke!

6:30 is the best time on a clock. Hands down!
Tea or Coffee?

I love both. I used to work for a tea company for 5 years so currently I’m going through a coffee phase.
What TV show do you love atm?

I’m not watching anything religiously right now but I did really love Stranger Things! Can’t wait for the next season!
What's your favourite cheese?

I’m Greek, so obviously I have to choose Feta and Halloumi!

Awa + Daisy by Edge o' Beyond – Evie's favourite lingerie ranges
Written on June 18, 2021

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