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The World’s Most Expensive Underwear
Have you ever wondered what the most expensive lingerie in the world looks like? We have done all the searching for you! People invest in houses, cars and even jewellery, so why not bras? These pieces are truly one of a kind…


Most Expensive Bras: Red Hot Fantasy Bra Victoria's Secret

Red Hot Fantasy Bra worn by Gisele Bundchen. Estimated Cost $15,000,000
Adorned with more than 1,300 gemstones, including rare Thai rubies, it is no surprise that for several years the Red Hot fantasy Bra held the Guinness Record for the most expensive lingerie piece ever created, and still holds that record for Victoria’s Secret.


Most Expensive Bras: Royal Fantasy Bra

Royal Fantasy Bra as worn by Candice Swanepoel. Estimated Cost $10,000,000
This bra was created by Swiss luxury jeweller Mouawad and is made from 4,200 precious stones, including diamonds, yellow sapphires and rubies, all set in 18-karat gold. The stand out is surely the 52-carat tear dropped ruby, which dangles from the bra’s centre. This bra is truly fit for royalty, It’s no wonder that the bra comes with two bodyguards!


Most Expensive Bras: Victoria's Secret Hearts On Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra

Hearts on Fire Diamond Fantasy Bra as worn by Karolina Kurkova. Estimated Cost $6,500,000

The centrepiece of this fantasy is a 10 carat Hearts On Fire diamond brooch in a Victorian floral motif. This type of diamond is expertly cut to sparkle far more than other diamonds. The 2000 Hearts On Fire diamonds in the Fantasy Bra required over 20,000 hours of labour to perfectly cut and polish each stone, while the bra itself took more than 300 man-hours to design and fabricate.


Most Expensive Bras: Anamika Khanna Orra Diamond bustier

Image Source

Anamika Khanna Orra Diamond bustier. Estimated Cost $1.3 million
Indian designer Anamika Khanna teamed up with ORRA diamonds to create this diamond studded bustier in 2010. It took a team of stylists, designers, and craftsmen 6 months to create, hand-crafted and studded with Belgian diamonds.


Most Expensive Bras: Erin Brockovich Julia Roberts Black Bra

Image Source
Worn by Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich. Estimated Cost $3,050
Julia Robert’s iconic role as Erin Brockovich saw her wearing a custom-made black silicone gel bra and matching briefs. The bra was not directly shown in the film, just worn underneath her clothes to give her an extra boost. Although not top of the line lingerie, as Julia’s star rose the garments became more valuable, and the bra was sold in an auction for $3,050 in 2014. It even came with a "Certificate of Authenticity" to prove it was the genuine bra worn!


Most Expensive Bras: Susan Rosen’s bikini  Worn by Molly Sims
Image Source

Susan Rosen’s bikini as worn by Molly Sims. Estimated cost $30 Million
Although not one of the best bras for support, this daring bikini was shot for a 2012 Sports illustrated issue. It may be minimal coverage, but this piece is created from 150 carat white diamonds set in platinum. This audacious set was bought by golf extraordinaire Tiger Woods shortly after finalising his divorce, although it has never been confirmed who he was buying it for.
Written on August 29, 2018

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