The Bridal Lingerie Guide

A difficult and overlooked question... how to choose the lingerie for your wedding day - well we are here to help!

 Your wedding day should leave you feeling a million dollars inside and out, and the night is reserved for that extra show of seduction. The right wedding underwear should therefore be able to play the part

 1. Make sure it's comfortable 

There is nothing worse than wearing uncomfortable underwear on the best of days, so stick to what you are used to. Cuts, materials + fit. If you can't stand thongs, or hate lycra don't take the risk! 

Tamara + Evie - Edge o' Beyond

2. Adapt to your dress

The perfect match between your wedding dress and bridal lingerie in terms of colour, shape + fabric is essential. White or nude are the obvious choices, and a fabric which is really discrete - you don't want any visible lines coming through. Try and avoid colourful lingerie - unless you are wearing a coloured dress of course - and pay special attention to thick seams and laces. 

3. The perfect bra

Make sure you know your size! We cannot emphasise this enough - so many women haven't been measured for years or don't properly know their cup or back size and getting the right fit will make you comfortable and give you the best support. When you know your size, you can perfectly match the shape of the bra with the neck line + back of your dress. For those with a bigger bust this is especially important if you want to wear a strapless or adhesive bra as they won't give you much in the way of support

TIP: beware of the transparent shoulder strap! They are often visible in photographs, often warp and are very uncomfortable if the weather is hot!

4. Try the lingerie underneath your dress

After finding your perfect dress, make sure you buy your lingerie as soon as you can so that you can try it underneath at your next fitting, or if any adjustments are being made to the dress. This will prevent any unpleasant surprises on your wedding day and having to search frantically for something at the last minute! 

5. It's in the details

No set of bridal lingerie would be complete without that all important garter - if you're one for tradition. Make sure it has a good grip and won't be sliding down and annoying you during the day. Invest also in a good pair of stocking and keep a spare close by in case of any holes or snags!

 Tamara Garter

6. From day to night...

If you find a set of lingerie that ticks all the boxes - comfort and style then you may want to miss this. BUT if you want to unleash your naughty side, comfort for the big day can transition to something daring later on. This is bound to make you feel fantastic, and your new hubby count his lucky stars!

Our Tamara range has you covered for all eventualities! Choose from the bra, thong, brief, garter, suspender, robe + eye mask - or treat yourself to the lot! Designed specifically for the bride to be, Tamara is crafted from the finest lace and bold strapping to make you an angelic force of nature. And it wouldn't be EOB unless you could attach our delicate jewellery for that extra flare - gold or white gold the choice is yours!

Written on January 8, 2019

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