Beyond the Fabrics – Why our materials are so important to us

So, “why is such a tiny piece of fabric so expensive?”...

This week’s blog delves into these tiny pieces of fabric and explains why we pour so much attention into the materials we use, from our lace all the way to our componentry and hardware used.

Lingerie design + contour fashion (a technical degree teaching all that is required to product develop intimate apparel) is an art and our designer and product developers work hard to create unique, beautiful pieces that also fit the body perfectly. This is a time-consuming process, but going the extra mile is what makes us stand out! 

Edge o' Beyond Luxury Lingerie SS17 Miline, Tamia and Corinne Women's Underwear with 18k gold jewellery


We love using Leavers lace, Chantilly lace, gilt threaded lace, corded lace and sometimes all of the above in one! To help you understand our French lace love affair, we've delved into the origins of some of our favourite laces for you.

Just like Champagne, Chantilly lace is named after the region of France where it is produced. Similarly, this is to showcase the specialist processes used by different regions of France. Chantilly lace is known for its fine ground, outlined pattern and abundant detail!

Leavers lace refers to the process by which it’s made: with a complex piece of machinery called a Leavers machine. Its delicate and precious appearance is produced by the Leavers weaving loom, named after its inventor and imported to France from England in 1879. The traditional machine produces metre after metre of elegant, quintessential, complex lace of unrivalled finesse at a slow but steady pace.

Gilt threaded lace refers to the fine metallic threads that run through some of our laces. Origins of this technique date back to garments (and furniture) made for Royalty in the Middle Ages.

Corded lace is a technique by which lace is then embroidered with a heavier thread or cord which gives the stunning 3-D textured effect, this sometimes takes months to produce!

 Edge o´ Beyond Evie Buttercream SS15

A wonderful close up of our Evie range, featuring gold gilt threaded on buttercream or black French Chantilly Lace. Discover Evie here.


Get up close and personal with Fabienne: our most luxurious fabric, with hand-corded lace which takes 6 months to produce and comes in a sensual mulberry colour. Discover Fabienne here.


Our Elise range features French Chantilly Lace in a fiery chili colour. Discover Elise Peep here.



Our bespoke embroidery is crafted just for us straight from French shores. Embroidery is featured in many of our pieces, most notably the beautiful red roses running throughout our Charlotte range, or the blush-coloured diamond scallops of Colette

A close up of our Charlotte embroidery. Discover Charlotte here.



When we use silk, we do it right. Our silk is sourced from the UK and Italy, where the finest silk is produced. Italian silk and satin is most notably featured in our beautiful Miline range, our timeless Karis range, and the enchanting Madeleine range.


Edge o´ Beyond Luxury Lingerie Miline SS17 
Miline, our grey wonder, features black French Leavers Lace, alongside grey Italian silk. Discover Miline here.



Our componentry is all from France, and all our hardware is 24k gold plated, just like our jump rings which are also dipped in gold, and allow you to attach our delicate jewellery attachments!

At Edge o´ Beyond, we believe that the beauty is in the details, which is why we make sure every last detail is sublime, we have quality at our highest priority, seeking out the best for our customers. This is what makes us so luxurious and what makes our products so beautiful.


Love and Lingerie,

The Edge  Beyond Team


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Written on April 5, 2018

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