Celebrating International Women's Day 2018 #PressforChange

At Edge o' Beyond we are glad that 2018 has been dubbed 'The Year of Women'. After an eye opening 2017, global social media movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp have rallied cries for gender equality. The discussion about feminism is happening now - so we support International Woman's Day's 2018 theme #PressforChange and we hope to continue the conversations so we can see real progress towards achieving global gender equality. 

Edge o' Beyond is a proud feminist brand. We love women, and empowering them. We love partners who support expressions of sexuality. We love choosing what we wear, earning our own money, and having independence. We love our safe and equal work-space, and we love our female director Naomi. 

We know the world is not quite equal yet, members of Team EOB have had their own personal trails and tribulations to overcome (#MeToo). However we hope that change comes, and soon. #PressforChange.

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Written on March 1, 2018

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