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Gifting Tips For Gentlemen

Lingerie is one of the most intimate & thoughtful gifts you can get for a partner over the Christmas season, but also one of the most difficult! We've compiled a Gentleman's gift guide to help all the men out there who's heads are spinning between 32Bs and 34Cs... 

Tip 1. Adjustable Strapping Is Your Friend 

Many of our collections don't have standard sizes, they're adjustable to fit a wide range, which is perfect if your partner is in between sizes or you're not confident with your guesses! Try Fabienne, with it's 3 back straps, or the gorgeous Corinne Noir body which has an adjustable neck strap. 

Tip 2. Accessories are always important 

Take her lingerie above and beyond with our range of gorgeous gold plated jewellery. Michael, Benjamin & Joshua can all only be worn with our sets, making your gift truly stand out, while Luke, Adam & Jacob can all be worn on their own. Otherwise, our Colette Garters and Chokers are a great choice, as the daring black strapping looks amazing with all our collections.

Tip 3. There's no shame in a gift card

They get a bad rep, but sometimes a giftcard is the most thoughtful way to gift some thing with such a specific fit, or which involves so much personal preference. A small gift like our EOB tote or an eye mask is a thoughtful way to present the voucher - and think of the fun you can have picking out her purchases together on Christmas Day...



Written on December 15, 2017

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