Swim Into Summer

Those few bright warm days of sun we’ve had recently have us staring hopefully out of the window and dreaming of a summer holiday…

 While we all eagerly await those warmer days of lying in the sun and banishing the coats and jumpers for another year, there is no better way to spend your time than deciding where to go and booking that year long awaited holiday!  

We’ve had a browse and found the most talked about destinations for summer 2019 and given you a few reasons (as if you would need convincing) of why they should be on your list!


1.    Croatia
Top of the list this year – and for good reason!

Croatia is diverse enough to have something to please everyone. From Kvarner Bay which is home to beautiful bottlenose dolphins in bright blue seas, to taking
a wander around the famous buildings of Dubrovnik..
As well as having stunning beaches to visit, the 
variety of islands hiding secret lakes in the midst of mountains
may be the perfect chance to try out our Grace swimsuit. 
From her sport-luxe influence, to her show-stopping silhouette, from her soft Italian fabrics to her covetable craftsmanship, this stunning swimsuit is all you need for summer, + everything beyond


Croatia, Telegraph 


2. The Peloponnese, Greece

For the ultimate relaxation holiday, where cocktails can be in hand and lounging under the sun is mandatory, the open
spaces of mainland Greece are an escape for those looking for less hustle and bustle to the ever growing popularity of the islands!
A classic foodie or wine lover will fall in love with this part of Greece,
having more wineries and best variety of grapes than anywhere else
in Greece it's a place that will fast become your favourite.
With a wine factory on the beach front, there is no excuse not to grab 
your Lilette bikini and rush on over!


The Peloponnese, The Independent   

3. The Maldives

If complete luxury is what you're really looking for, then look no further than 
the Maldives, with only one hotel per island it is the ideal private destination!
Explore it's capital and be dazzled by colourful markets,
beautiful buildings and exotic jewellery, before picking up a sensational cocktail
or completely fresh coconut water off the boats in the bay!


Edge o' Beyond, Francesca Bikini (SS18)

Two weeks spent on one of these mesmerising islands will be more
than enough to relax anyone.. luckily our our swimwear from our SS19 collection can be mix and matched with bikinis from SS18, meaning you'll never be caught wearing the same one twice!


The Maldives, The Guardian



Written on April 15, 2019

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