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Tights and Stockings adorn your legs, keep you warm, emphasize your curves and make seductive accessories.

Here we wanted to highlight the advantages of tights and stockings, to help you choose between the two which one will fit your needs, style and shape better.



tights to keep you warm picturesDamart

The main advantage of tights is that they keep you warm during cold winter days! They are also genuinely convenient and comfortable to wear underneath your dress or skirt.


harpers bazar pictureHarper's Bazaar
Tights allow you to wear something shorter without the risk of showing what’s underneath (!) and make great fashion accessories. Indeed, some are colourful, some have printed patterns, you can match them to your colour scheme or use them to add a bold splash of colour to your outfit.


calzedonia tights picturesCalzedonia

Another great perk of wearing tights is that they have the power to accentuate your figure, hugging your waist and easily hiding and smoothing over any lumps or bumps to give you a sleek silhouette no matter what your shape or size.

Also available for those who are pregnant, they come with special adaptations such as buttons to adjust the tights according to their changing body shape!


tong thights pictureEtam

Not just for winter, tights have great benefits in the Summer!

Haven’t quite been able to catch that summer glow? No fear! – try a sun-kissed look tight that instantly smooths your legs.

And if you want to wear open shoes? You can do it with "tong" tights on!




kathryn suspender pictureKathryn

Stockings are the perfect boost for sensuality and can leave you feeling empowered and irresistible!


calzedonia stocking picture


You can opt for stockings with auto adhesives garters which can be worn with any lingerie set you got in your wardrobe, as they grip the top of your thighs.


charlote + evie pictures

Charlotte & Evie Buttercream

For suspenders with no self-adhesive, you can wear a suspender belt or brief/thong with detachable suspenders to keep your stockings in place – take for example our Charlotte Suspender or Evie High Waist Brief.

In addition to the fact that they make you look stunning, stockings are truly convenient!

The firm grip of a suspender belt can get rid of that horrible slipping sensation that a poor pair of tights can have, and have the power to add a cheeky show of thigh underneath a classic skirt.

Don’t forget to check out our latest collection, every range has its own suspender, waspie or garters!



Written on February 19, 2019

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