Europe and beyond

Every stage of EOB journey, from design to shipment, takes place in Europe. Like Europe, EOB lingerie is stylish, exquisite and alluring. Take a look at the EOB guide to Europe to find out more about what you're wearing.


If you're familiar with this blog, you will know that EOB loves Paris! We use the finest French Chantilly lace to make our lingerie as classically beautiful as France. 


Italy is one of the most beautiful and intriguing countries in Europe. Channel your inner Italian with our Becca set - made from the finest Italian Satin. 


Did you know all our lingerie is made in Wales? When you order EOB, you do really get the best of Britain!


We think London is the most exciting city in the world. Home to the Queen, Big Ben and of course EOB. Like London, EOB lingerie is completely one of a kind. Let our EOB bring out you're inner Londoner! 

Written on May 6, 2015

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