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I remember a few months after I found out I was going to be a mother I realised that I hadn't purchased anything for the baby. Why? I was overwhelmed and there were way too many options. Also, I was stressed not knowing if my child will even like the products. I decided to only purchase the basics and as she grows, buy what's needed. This plan is working for our minimalistic lifestyle without cluttering our house with items we don't use or will not use for months down the road. On July 27th our little bundle of joy, Charlie Frances was born. She has rocked our world and has been an easy going baby for the most part. For the past 6 months, I have been testing out baby products and ready to share Charlie and I's all-time favourites.

Dock-A-Tot Image



Charlie was having a hard time soothing herself to sleep, especially during her nap times. It took a few months of constantly having to hold her while she naps to finally cave in and buy the Dock-A-Tot. This product is meant for co-sleeping, which I personally do not do with her. With that being said, a lot of people use this for their baby's naps outside of the crib. She loves it! Now that she is getting a little older and she fits in it a little tighter, it creates the illusion of being held. I can actually get things done around the house. Charlie's naps have increased by an hour since we put her in this miracle. The Dock-A-Tot comes in two sizes, Deluxe and Grand. The Deluxe fits the age range of birth to 9 months and Grand fits the age range of 9-36 months. You can also buy cute slip-covers and a play gym attachment. You can purchase here.

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The first bear we purchased for Char is a cream coloured Jellycat bunny. Which was purchased a day before our wedding so it's pretty sentimental. It is made of the softest faux fur and safe for use at any age. She was gifted a blush pink bunny rattle from her Great Aunt in England by the same company. She is obsessed with both of them. If she starts to get fussy all I have to do is hand her a bunny and she's all good. Out of all the toys and stuffed animals she owns, the Jellycat's are her go-to. Quality is pristine, the fur does not shed after months of tugging, pulling and chewing. Let's just say they are looking well loved! You can purchase her favourites here and here.

Edge o' Beyond Honest Diapers Luxury Baby Products Worth Splurging On

Honest Company Diapers

For the first few months, I decided to go with a popular brand for Charlie. After meeting with a "baby whisperer" in Los Angeles, I never realised that the brand we had been using was manufactured with a lot of chemicals, one of those being chlorine bleach. Chlorine is bad for anyone but especially for baby girls. We quickly switched to a brand who didn't use chlorine or synthetic fragrances. After much research, we decided to try The Honest Company. They offer bundles of patterned or plain white diapers and packs of wipes each month, delivered to your door. If you choose you can select add-ons to the bundle. I always add travel wipes so I don't have to carry around a full size out and about. I order 6 packs of diapers, 4 packs of wipes and 4 travel wipes.  You can cancel, change sizes or frequency of your bundle at any time! You can purchase here!

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Owlet Smart Sock

For any new parent, safety is number one priority. When we brought Charlie home from the hospital, I couldn't sleep, constantly waking up to check on her. SIDS is very real and horrifying. It really caused a lot of anxiety for me. What put my mind at ease was the Owlet sock monitor. The sock gives you readings of your babies heart rate and SP02 levels. SP02 is the reading of your blood oxygen level. The monitor goes off when your babies SP02 levels gets below 80 percent, which is an ample amount of time to get to them before anything crazy happens. The monitor is initially connected to your Wifi and Bluetooth. If your Wifi happens to go down, the Bluetooth will keep the monitor live and reading. Just a heads up, this device is meant for babies who are sleeping and creating no movement. Movement causes the readings to stop and will resume once they are still and sleeping. Owlet also warns this device is meant for crib sleeping only and should not be used to make co-sleeping safer. Age of use ranges from birth to 18 months. The Owlet has helped my sanity and sleeping habits. I would recommend this to EVERYONE. This is by-far the best purchase we have made for our baby. The company offers payment plans to make the purchase a little more affordable. You can purchase here.

Boppy Pillow

This pillow was a lifesaver from the day Charlie entered this world. Being able to nurse comfortably after going through hours of labor was a lit easier due to this pillow. The boppy helps with supporting your newborn, so your arms and back are a little less strained. When we returned from the hospital I would lay a blanket over the pillow and have Charlie use it as a lounger for the first couple weeks. At 5-6 month is It helped her with sitting up.

You can purchase the naked Boppy here. Water resistant slipcover for the pillow here.

edge o' beyond mamaroo 4moms car seat baby products worth splurging on review blog post

4Moms mommaRoo

This is my ride or die, all-time favourite, life-saving device. I honestly could get anything done if it wasn't for this. It took a few months for her to warm up to this swing but she is in love with it as much as I am. The mommaRoo is pretty high tech it even has an app you can change speeds and sounds from across the room. It has an aux cord for you to play any music your heart desires, and it also comes with a few soothing sounds on the machine. The soft movements the mommaRoo produces help babies feel relaxed. The seat is adjustable to grow with them so you can use this for babies up to 25 pounds. It is super easy to clean, you can unzip the entire seat cover and throw it in the wash. It comes with a mobile, which has double-sided inserts. Black and white on one side, coloured on the other.  Everyone needs this - and maybe the grandparents as well!! You can purchase here.  Also, for babies under 3 months you can purchase the infant insert here.

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Written on March 8, 2018

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